Hey, great that you're here.

You found your way here because spirituality comes naturally to you and you may even work as an energy healer. If you are interested in shortening your healing path and experiencing lasting transformations, especially in your relationships, through the direct connection ‘upwards’, this is the right place for you. And if you want to enjoy life, experience it in all its facets and have fun at the same time - welcome!

How I came to this work: I started working with the highest consciousness because I had previously followed many impulses that distracted me rather than taking me further. At that time I didn't realise that there are also light and shadow beings in the subtle realm.

I had blindly followed these impulses, which I thought were my intuition - and at some point I was surprised to find myself in a situation that did not correspond at all to what I had wished for and what I had been working towards... 
I was being misled.

That's when I realised that not all channelling is the same. The source of your impulses and information is much more important.

Not all messages that you receive from the spirit world are for your highest good. Just as in the ‘real world’, there is also light and shadow in the subtle world. Light does not err, unlight deliberately leads you astray.In light work, we receive messages directly from light beings and learn to differentiate between light and shadow beings.This gives you clarity about your messages and impulses - and healing can take place more quickly and, above all, sustainably.

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