About me

Hey, I'm Claudia and my mission is to help people reconnect to the divine and enjoy life to the fullest. Sensual Healing.


I grew up in Berlin and was born in Thuringia, in beautiful Jena. Now I live partly in Leipzig and I just moved to the magic town of Sedona, Arizona. I also feel very much at home in Mexico.

My convictions

I believe that many healing methods are now outdated and that there are faster and shorter ways to achieve profound and lasting change. Healing can be quick. 
In contact, nothing is as important as good communication. Basically, you can say anything if you formulate it well and say it from the heart. 
Energy work also requires the body to be involved in the transformation. The best way to do this is through regular detoxing. My secret recipe for emotional release, health and well-being. 
In physical touch, closeness arises above all through emotional closeness, the opening of the heart, which is the first step.  

My approach 

When we work together, I take you into the highest consciousness and invite light beings to support you. There it is much easier to make issues visible and to carry out profound transformations - if your soul allows it.

I work without a specific method or preconceived concepts, but purely intuitively. This allows me to remain open to what wants to show up and what needs to happen at that moment.

In my work, I have been able to resolve many issues that could not be resolved with traditional family constellations, for example. 

Many of these ‘old methods’ are a good starting point, but because they are limited in their concepts, they usually do not lead to complete healing, nor do they bring you fully into your power. Only light work from pure consciousness, which is unadulterated and uncoloured by other energies, makes this possible.

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