Individual sessions

In 1:1 sessions we work individually and energetically.

We work from the highest consciousness, purely intuitively, without following specific concepts. We enter a healing space in which old patterns, fears, blockages and even traumas can be released energetically. We connect with the beings of light, I read your field and whatever wants to happen can happen. 

Your compensation is 180€ plus VAT.


In this 3-month programme with 3 sessions per month and a dedicated line via Telegram, you will experience a profound transformation. You can contact me at any time if you have any questions. I will reply within at least one day. At the end of the programme, you will have undergone a profound and lasting transformation. 
You will be able to reliably distinguish light from darkness and know through your own experience how to deal with dark energies and how to protect yourself from them. You will come into closer contact with your spiritual team and experience how you can work with the support of light beings and thus make your work much more powerful and light-filled. Energetic cleansing is also included.

For 1530€ plus VAT.